Survey Management Module in CRM

Is Survey management so important for marketing and sales activities?

Survey management is the processes used to monitor, administer and control the survey through systematic automation.

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Why do you need survey management in CRM?

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Survey management simplifies the creation and distribution of surveys to numerous respondents, it automates the collection of responses and analyzes survey data, and correlate it with past data. It saves time and duplicated useless efforts for analyzing data results within CRM survey management module not a traditional separate tool.

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What features does survey management handles?

Survey Management includes preparing surveys and tracking the status of each questionnaire through the data editing processes (data collection, data capture and review/correction). Survey Management also includes monitoring the status and quality of the data editing processes.
  1. Responsive and personalized interface designed to meet your specific survey management requirements, it is fast, lean, and ready for the future.
  2. Create or upload survey questionnaires.
  3. Enable respondents to fill in the survey through the app, and save and print the document before submission.
  4. Allow the respondents to collaborate with other users, or reassign the survey to another respondent.
  5. Track the completion status of the survey responses. Allow closed responses to be reopened in the system
  6. Once the responses have been collected, route the forms to approvers for comments. Enable the approvers to accept the responses or request for further clarifications from the respondents.
  7. Once the review cycle is complete, publish the survey results through the app.

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