Opportunities Module in CRM

Is Opportunities Module so important for marketing and sales activities?

Opportunities model manages and follows contact’s opened deals and opportunities details.

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Why do you need opportunities module in your CRM?

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Opportunities module helps your sales representative to manage and follow contact’s opportunities (deals) and gets an access to the complete history of his customer and prospect profile. Your sales rep views all the tasks, contact details, documents (contract, terms and condition), invoices, etc. linked to his customer or prospect. This helps sales team to prior opportunities based on stage and estimate closing date and amount.

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How opportunities module be managed?

Sales team is able to see what has been done from a sales point of view: if someone had already called his prospect in the past, if he has carried out all the tasks he had planned for this lead (call backs, etc.), if the customer has ordered recently, etc.

In that way, the sales rep is fully aware of the customer's needs and recent moves and knows better how to approach him/her.

Opportunities module manages each opportunity priority, expected closing date of deal , probability of closing it, estimated amount paid and opportunity stage. This mainly opens track for opening quotes.

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