Reminders and alerts in CRM

Is Notifications module so important for marketing and sales activities?

Notification is a quick alert reminder for upcoming important task, meeting, call, etc…

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Why is notifications module is essential in your CRM?

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Imagine having a lot of meetings you have to attend and there is nothing to remind you before? Or you have more than one task to finish and still can’t remember the deadline for each one and which you should handle first? Notifications is a time-saving module for the professionals who are looking for a streamlined way to assign records as the best part is no need to send emails to your users to inform them about records assignments, notifications is best alternative. .

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What features does notifications module offer?

  1. Notify your CRM users about the records and tasks assigned to them.
  2. Custom Notifications: Users can create and manage custom notifications and they can also inform about records to other users as per the scheduled time.
  3. It follows up contact activities notifiers
  4. Notifcations are sent on any files or data are shared with the user.
  5. It helps scheduling meetings, calls, tasks, events, etc… reminders
  6. It has to do/ notes to carry out all notes, comments and arrangements
  7. It notifies Lead tracking.
  8. Social platforms integrations notifications
  9. It notifies survey results and marketing campaign engagements.
  10. It notifies about payment milestones quote and its remaining amount and period.

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