Lead Source Tracking

Is Lead Source so important for marketing and sales activities?

Lead source is a critical part of lead management. Lead source tracking include: hidden fields on forms, cookie tracking on websites and passing query-string parameters.

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Why do you need lead source tracking for your business?

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Lead source tracking helps to identify profitable marketing channels which drove leads for your business.

Identify these leads and plug them into your CRM lead source fields. This helps you focus on which channels are most worth and which channels need enhancement.

Lead source tracking helps better understand your leads as each lead origin data is used to evaluate the quality of your leads and rank them based on their source weight.

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How lead source tracking is done?

Step 1 – Defining Lead Source Origins

Defining lead sources is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Especially considering the data that many marketing automation systems provide is data we previously did not have access to.

Here are some examples for lead source:

  • - Search (Lead Source).
  • - Organic (Specific Lead Source).
  • - AdWords or other paid search sources.
  • - Web Referral (traffic sent from another website).
  • - Referring website.
  • - Social platforms.
  • - Advertising.
  • - Specific Display Ad Campaigns.
  • - Direct Mail Campaign.
Step 2 – Dynamically Tracking Lead Sources

Accurately tracking lead sources is very important. If you are using a marketing automation system, you should be able to automate at least 90% of this.

Here are some tips that may help:

  1. Creating landing pages for specific campaigns
  2. Creating and Defining Workflows – Creating workflows allows you to define lead sources for landing pages that receive visits from multiple sources. For example, you can create a workflow that says “if someone becomes a lead and their original referral is an organic search, set their Lead Source to “Search” and their Specific Lead Source to “Organic.”

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