Email marketing Module in CRM

Is Email marketing Module so important for marketing and sales activities?

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email..

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Why do you need email marketing module?

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Email marketing module Improves and automate creation, sending and tracking of your email campaigns, which helps to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness among customers.

STS email marketing module which includes everything you need to create, send and track your email campaigns. It also includes powerful tools to completely automate your follow-up marketing and customer feedback loops and optimize your click-through rates.

It saves time, money and effort as it segments your customers, customize emails to each segment, present reports on customers’ engagements which increases sales and customer satisfaction in return.

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What does email marketing module offer?

  1. You are able to follow up with prospects automatically using auto-responders. Send a series of personalized email messages to new leads at intervals you define.
  2. Optimize your email click-through rates. Send a few variations of your email to a sample of your list and have the best-performing one sent to the rest automatically.
  3. Automate your list management. Automated tasks are done as : convert leads to opportunities when they open a specific email, remove inactive leads from your list or even send a follow up email when a particular link is clicked - automatically.
  4. Keep your lists clean and up-to-date with automation. Invalid email addresses can be removed from your list automatically, helping keep your deliverability rate high.
  5. See the complete activity of a lead Every time a lead opens your email, clicks a link or performs any other activity, it's saved against their history, making it easy for your sales team to qualify their desire to purchase.
  6. Create and offer different email templates customized for each segment.

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