Contact management in CRM

Is Contact management so important for marketing and sales activities?

Contact management is handling contacts details, contacts history, contact ranking, contacts activities & interactions.

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Why do you need contact management?

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Contact management handles all contact information: name, his organization, job title, address, e-mail, mobile number, etc… besides, It helps you evaluate and study his behavior through his history, activities and interactions with any campaign or emails and based on all this gathered data and its analysis , you are able to rank contacts based on priorities and decision –making power. Contact management helps in verifying contact social identity saving time and effort.

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How contacts are displayed and managed?

Stage 1

Lead contact is driven from newsletter subscribe form.

Stage 2

Automated lead tracking to study lead’s interactions, behaviors, verifying his social identity (social platforms details) tracking his interests

Stage 3

Marketing campaigns and customized offers based on lead’s interests and segmentation are sent to the lead

Stage 4

A strong profile with lead’s interactions and history buying habits is build, figuring out the overall image and the unknown lead became a trusted known customer.

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