Is there a relation between social media and your CRM?

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Is there a relation between social media and your CRM?

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Is there a relation between social media and your CRM?

Today's customer is social, connected, and informed, sharing their likes and dislikes on Social Media Networks. The voice of the social customer is so powerful that it can sway public opinion of even the most popular companies.
What are customers saying about your brand on Social Media? Are they asking questions you can answer? Would their connections be interested in your product?
Join the conversation by the CRM with social media integration. Each 1CRM Contact, Lead and Account can include profile information for the Social Media Networks .Once profile information is added, the appropriate icon is shown next to the name of the Lead, Contact or Account, providing a one-click link to their profile on that network.

Social CRM is the integration of social media channels into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. It makes it possible for a business to communicate with customers using the channel of their choice—whether by phone, text, chat, email or social media (e.g. Facebook or Twitter). Off the back of these interactions, a social CRM module helps businesses gather richer, actionable insight about customer sentiment on their company, their brand, and specific products or services.

- You can enjoy real-time communication with your clients (which the clients will totally love)
- You can quickly generate infinite, instant and highly potent leads from a wide range of social portals
- You can offer proactive customer support by keeping an eye on your customers’ updates and doing the needful even before they have contacted you for help.
- You can listen to your clients’ needs and offer products/services precisely based on them.

If your CRM allows you to interact with your clients on social sites, it will eventually shape a community that builds your brand, increases conversion rate, attracts repeat customers and reduces costs.

A marketing team may be producing great content – blogs, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Instagram accounts and tweets – but that part of the conversation is one-way. By using monitoring and tracking tools to see who’s engaging in conversation with the business, Social CRM can help businesses to identify and reward brand advocates and influencers, encouraging them to spread the word still further.

Similarly with sales team, tracking each prospect’s progress and location within the sales funnel using a Social CRM. Sales teams can create a personalized experience for specialized users, rather than using the traditional CRM other modules.

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