How marketing campaign reports affect future success?

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How marketing campaign reports affect future success?

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How marketing campaign reports affect future success?

A campaign is a marketing initiative focused on reaching a specific goal. Campaigns tend to be focused on one type of persona. This persona is sometimes broken down into a segment of contacts who you're trying to send a single message to or drive a specific conversion (action) from.
Your contacts are the heart of your marketing and sales strategies and the source of revenue for your business. Using different types of assets like blog posts and emails, you're nurturing these contacts to take action, and your campaign is where you're focusing all that information.

What information do you look at to determine success of these campaigns? How do you know which contacts you reached, or if those contacts are old or new?
Knowing what's happening with your contacts during a campaign is a crucial part of creating and proving revenue for your business.
And if you can't track that, how can you be sure your marketing efforts are successful?

There are two key measuring points to report your marketing efforts on and measure its success: 
Tracking the impact of the campaign.
Comparing and optimizing the individual assets.

1st: Tracking the impact of a campaign:
When you look at the campaign as a whole, you want to ask yourself: Did you hit the goal you set out to hit? How many leads were generated? Did you have existing contacts engage with it? These questions help you see the big picture impact of your campaign.
These overall metrics are the ones you'll share with your team, and they'll help you with the second measuring point: Optimizing.

2nd: Comparing and optimizing the campaign's assets:
After you've looked at the big-picture results of your campaign reported down, start to compare and contrast the individual assets you included in the campaign (the landing page for registration, emails, social messages, blog posts for promotion, etc.).

When you measure this stage of your campaign, look at which landing page received the highest conversions. Which blog posts produced the most engagement? Which emails were opened the most? These are the more specific metrics you report to be a guide to your next campaign.

CRM offers smart marketing campaign modules that helps in creating, analyzing, segmenting powerful campaigns and then assist in analyzing its success and failure factors through periodical reports in different forms.

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